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Why buy from OTM?

Why Purchase from OTM?

Cost Benefits:

OTM is committed to provide handpicked diamond-studded jewellery authenticated by best labs of the world. Similar products, if at all offered by the competition, are almost at double the price. The customer is assured of genuine quality, at lowest price.

OTM believes in higher sales at lower margin.

We have a world class manufacturing facility, enabling us to have manufacturing cost, lowest amongst competition, and the benefit of the same is passed on to the customers.


Impressive Product Range:

OTM Jewellery is manufacturing bridal sets, bangles, bracelets, wedding rings and bands, anniversary rings, earrings, pendants, necklace sets in a varied price range.

You have thousands of designs to choose from when purchasing from OTM.

Research teams supported by a team of CAD designers are developing designs which are regularly updated on the website.

Our lightweight designs are a revelation.


Convenience of Online Shopping:

OTM offers you the best online shopping experience for all your jewellery needs. It provides a medium that is always available to you, 24x7. Online shopping brings the store to you, rather than the conventional way of the customer having to go to the store. Customers look for convenience in the shopping experience. The convenience of sitting in your home, and purchasing is unparalleled.

Customer service is a major focus, and our <FAQ’s> and online documentations try to answer all your queries. For any further questions, you are free to ask us directly by calling us at +919810964599 or by using our <Enquiry Form>. This will ensure an informed decision while purchasing jewellery from OTM Jewellery.


Return and Exchange Policy:

We have customer friendly return and exchange policy. Any customer not satisfied with the product can return the product within 15 days, of receiving the product, no questions asked. Please refer to our detailed <return and exchange policy> for further details http://www.otmjewellery.com/return-exchange.


Quality and Workmanship:

OTM is having most modern jewellery manufacturing facility, which competes with the best in the world. We have the best machinery from Germany, Italy, Japan, and USA, ensuring finish & designs according to world-class standards. Every production process is in-house, ensuring best quality and economy.

The entire jewellery is manufactured using hallmarked gold. Diamonds are certified by the best diamond jewellery certification labs in the world.



Every piece of jewellery is certified/authenticated from world renowned diamond testing and certifying laboratories <IGI>, or <DRIL>, which are known for their accurate and consistent reporting, thus, protecting the customer’s interest.

These certificates are globally recognized and accepted.

All our jewellery is 100% hallmarked, with each piece having the hallmarking stamp on it. This is the certification of purity from the Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS).

Each piece of jewellery is accompanied with a retail invoice, and guarantee/warrantee certificate.


Styling and designing:

OTM’s manufacturing plant ensures finish & designs comparable with the best in the world.

The designs are created using Computer Aided Designing (CAD), and the manufacturing process is also Computer Aided (CAM). It takes the help of the best skilled, award-winning artisans in the industry.

With thousands of unique designs in its inventory, OTM prides in the vast product range it has to offer.